Lately, along with the patient rights, the term “Patient Responsibilities” emerged. As of now, this terms content and extend has not been defined, however, generally it can be summed up as a patients duties and responsibilities before and after the period of applying to a health organization. We can categorize the responsibilities of the patient concisely as a list of articles.
General Responsibilities

  • Individuals must take care of their health and do everything withing their power to do so and follow any advice given to live a healthy life.
  • If suitable, the individual may donate blood or organs.
  • In basic scenarios, individuals must manage their own care.

Social Security Case

  • Patient must announce any changes in their; health, social security, and personal information on time.
  • If applicable, patient must pay the dues of their health certificate (Social Security Institution, Bağ-Kur, Green Card and so on).

Inform Healthcare Personnel

  • Patient must fully convey the information regarding their; complaints, previous diseases, whether they received inpatient treatment, any medication they might be using and all other details linked to health.

Following Hospital Rules

  • Patient must obey the rules and applications of the health organization they apply to.
  • Patient must obey the dispatch chain decided by the ministry of health and other social security agencies.
  • Patient is expected to cooperate with healthcare staff during their; treatment, care and rehabilitation.
  • If the patient is receiving healthcare from a facility that works on an appointment schedule, they must comply with the date and time of the appointment and report any changes to the regarding unit beforehand.
  • Patient must respect the rights of hospital personnel, other patients and visitors.
  • Patient must cover the cost of damage caused to the hospital equipment.

Adhering to Suggestions About Their Treatment

  • Patient must; listen to suggestions regarding their treatment and medication carefully and ask if anything is not clear.
  • If the patient is unable to comply with the suggestions for their treatment, they must address this to a healthcare staff.
  • Patient must state whether they understood their aftercare following their discharge.
  • Patient is responsible for any consequence stemming from refusing treatment or not following suggestions.