Patient Rights


hastaHuman acquire some rights just by basically being humans. Rights are a universal term. Shortly, “right” can be defined as “authority granted to individuals by the law”. Term “Human Rights” had first emerged in England at 1215. American Bill of Rights has been declared officially towards the end of 18th century. Human rights became universal with the assembly of United Nations. Universal Declaration of Human Rights had been published. According to this, it states that; everyone is free, honorable and equal in terms of rights. In short, human rights can be summarized as; all humans are equal and free by all means on birth. This said freedom is balanced by the obligation of respecting other people’s rights and not to violate them. There are various human rights. Human rights is one of the essential human rights as well. Having General Access to Service:
Patients have the right to have access to healthcare service regardless of their race, language, religion, sect, gender, philosophical belief, economic and social background according to justice and fairness principles.
Be Informed and Ask for Information:
Patient has the right to learn all kinds of health services offered, his/her options and any kind of verbal or written information regarding their health.
Choose and Change Their Health Provider or Personnel:
Patient has the right to choose and change their health establishment and to benefit from the health services provided in such health establishment, and to learn the identity, duty and titles of the doctors and other health personnel and to choose or change them.

Patient has the right to receive any kind of health service in accordance with a medium suitable for privacy.

Refuse, Stop and Consent:
Patient has the right to refuse treatment or stop treatment. Also the patient has the right to give consent for treatment and benefit from the treatment within the boundaries of consent.

Patient has the right to receive healthcare services in a secure medium.

Perform Religious Duties:
Patient has the right to perform their religious duties within the healthcare facility’s possibilities and in accordance with the measures decided by the management.

Respecting Humanitarian Values, Shown Respect and Comfort:
Patient has the right to receive healthcare in an environment which satisfies all hygienic requisites, noise free and without any disturbing factors with respect, care and solicitude from cheerful, gentle and compassionate personnel.

To Have Visitors and Companions:
Patient has the right to have visitors and/or companions within the rules and policies of the health facility and its possibilities and the doctors approval.

Right of Appeal, Complaint and Suing:
In case of violation of their rights, under the legislation, patient has the right to use any of their rights of appeal, complaint or suing.