Quality Management Unit Basis of Functioning

  1. To coordinate studies for quality standards in healthcare.
  2. To guide, monitor and assess the application of quality standards in healthcare.
  3. To assess the departments analysis results based on department goals.
  4. To attend meetings regarding all committees determined by quality standards in healthcare (Employee Health and Safety, Patient Safety, Training and Facility Safety Committees) and to follow-up the control, monitoring and resulting procedures of patient and employee safety practices.
  5. To do the control, monitoring and resulting procedures of the Security Reporting System (GRS) form notifications.
  6. To ensure the coordinated work efforts of quality standards in healthcare operations and personnel in charge deemed viable for his/her department and appointed by the head of the hospital.
  7. To organize and monitor the training required for quality standards in healthcare.
  8. To organize and conduct training for necessary scenarios where mishaps during the production of service may occur.
  9. To do the necessary secretariat and follow up-control by pioneering the preparation of all written documents prepared under the quality standards in healthcare and regarding our hospital and to do the revision of all written corrections if necessary and provide them to the management for approval.
  10. To control if the departments within the hospital are fulfilling their required duties regarding the system by conducting joint operations with other departments.  To get continuous feedback from them to assure steady improvement of the system.
  11. To manage and monitor the control, follow up and resulting procedures of Corrective and Preventive Actions (DÖF).
  12. To plan, coordinate, assess and report to upper management the self-assessment for the purposes of pursuing the regulations in quality standards in healthcare.
  13. To follow up color code applications (Blue-Pink-White-Red) regularly, to organize employee training periodically and to initiate required Corrective and Preventive Actions.
  14. To organize, analyze and report the Patient/Companion Satisfaction Survey (Monthly) and Employee Satisfaction Survey (Semi-Annually).
  15. To control various stages of the service flow.
  16. To record and archive the obligatory conducted controls.
  17. To announce committee meeting date, time and agenda to all attendees at least three days beforehand with an internal communication form.
  18. To follow up meeting memos recorded at the end of committee meetings.
  19. To record and report the actions regarding management systems to the department.
  20. To obey the procedures, instructions, legal and other conditions regarding management systems.