Defines all our employees and doctors acting with a sense of responsibility towards our patients and operations.

Conveys all of our employees, doctors and patients can feel safe and secure in every way and share this feeling. Means the effort shown by all of our employees and doctors in order to ensure the feeling of trust.

Defines acting in accordance with the collection of rules that dictates in what way our employees and doctors should act or make decisions. They have the competence to apply moral behavior and know whats right or wrong.

Science Oriented:
Is the application of medical implementations and treatments along with guidance from scientific approach.

Applying the right information at the right time is essential. Our staff and doctors always provide service in their respective units with advanced information equipment.

Respect and Love:
States the respect for patient rights, privacy, requests and expectations. Our patients are treated for the duration of their stay with love and compassion. In our business, nothing stemming from our patients lack of information can be abused, patient information cannot be used for other purposes.

Chairman of the Board