In today’s day and age, not only professional life, but also technology is rapidly changing. Companies’ competitive advantage over their competitors had become more dependent on human resources’ attributes therefore this had led human resources to undertake some responsibilities such as; being more strategic, developing a bigger perspective, adapting to change and leading the change.

With the new economic principles, meeting the patients needs and expectations is directly linked with the quality of service created, efficiency and productivity in the work process, employees’ knowledge, skill and creativity.  Thus, our hosptital’s human resources is managed better and most efficient than ever with continious development in mind. In accordance with our hospital’s vision, mission and corporate values, providing high quality human resources is to; utilize human resources in the most efficient way possible and provide trainings to contribute in the employees’ personal and occupational development. In order for our Human Resources Management Policy to be applied actively; we have established the fact that all of our managers has to be a “Human Resources Manager”.  


With this purpose; we share important information and competency with Human Resources Management by regularly scheduling training and meetings. Instead of personal success, our aim is corporate success.

So we believe that we can only reach our goals with; informed, experienced, hardworking, service oriented employees. In order to contribute to the occupational development and motivation of our staff with our Training, Performance Assessment and Career Planning studies; we strive to be a preferred hospital and an employer by treating our staff not only as an employee, but also as a social factor.

If you want to walk along with us on this path;

We believe, just like us, our new teammates have to be;

  • Able to Adapt to the Active Work Environment
  • Communicating with Patients and Patient Companions using Empathy
  • Never Giving a Compromise from Quality Service Understanding
  • Open to Improvement and Innovation, Continiuosly Learning
  • Putting in the effort to improve information, skill and attributes, and “Proud to be a Kudret International Hospital Employee”